Not the best photo, but one of my favorites from when my mom told my dad she couldn’t believe he didn’t “screw it up” after he surprised her with a 60th birthday party.A little over a year ago today I received the worst phone call of my life while standing 3,500 miles from home. My father had died at work. The words didn’t make sense to me when I first heard them, and now even a year later there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear those words and feel the same feeling of disbelief that I did that day. This isn’t a post about how devastating that day was to me though. This is about two ways that my Dad led me toward writing that I think about a lot now. Before I was born, my Dad had done a few different jobs. The ones I heard about most were when he was a clam digger on Long Island and when he was a bouncer at a rowdy bar. By the time I was born he had started a career in construction as a Steamfitter. You would think with that kind of background I would have been brought up “tough”, especially when it became obvious that I was going to wind up tall like he was. But that was never, ever the case. My Dad introduced me to comic books at a young age, happily indulging me in trips to the comic book store, almost always picking up a few for himself. He grew up a Superman fan, but I started taking to Batman at a young age. Comic books might be really cool now, but they were definitely not when I was a kid. I never knew that though, because my interest in them was never questioned.… [Read the rest]

Book 3 and The Second Wave Audiobook

Hi! Long time, no blog. There’s a good reason though: I’ve been busy actually writing books. Recently there seems to be a real uptick in people asking about Meta Book 3 (no, it doesn’t have a real name yet) and when it’ll be out so I thought I’d offer an update. Currently the goal is to get book 3 out there in the fall, which right now looks like it’ll probably be October-ish. I don’t have too much to share plot-wise right now, other than as of right now the story picks up a few days after the end of The Second Wave. This book looks like it’ll be longer than Meta and The Second Wave and although I’m hoping to keep writing more Meta books for awhile, this one will be the conclusion to an unofficial trilogy in a lot of ways, i.e. lots of mysteries will be explained and lots of set-ups get paid off. One of the other questions I get a lot is when The Second Wave will be available as an audiobook. Recording Meta was way harder than I anticipated which put The Second Wave on the backburner for awhile. I considered having someone else read it, but that seemed kinda silly since I have the recording equipment and people seemed to like the way I read Meta. As of right now, the plan is to record The Second Wave right after Book 3 goes to the editor in the next couple of months. I’ll need a break from writing by then anyway and that way taking time to do the recording won’t sidetrack Book 3. There’s two other projects in pipeline too, one which I’ve mentioned a few times that is a sci-fi, alien abduction mystery-type thing and a short story or novella set in the Meta universe.… [Read the rest]

German Version of Meta Free This Weekend

Starting in Germany is like starting all over again. While I could be patient and and continue to have native German speakers find Meta Die Verwandlung on their own, I’m not patient and I’m too excited about having a book I wrote in another language. For that reason, I’m making the German-language version of Meta, translated by the immensely talented Daniela Mansfield free on Amazon Kindle this weekend, starting on today. It’ll be free worldwide, so no matter what country you’re in you’ll be able to grab the German version (I’m looking at you Austria and Switzerland.) So if you speak German, or know someone who does that might enjoy Meta, be sure to let them know.… [Read the rest]

Rocking Self Publishing Podcast Interview

I’m on this week’s Rocking Self Publishing podcast talking about writing and podcasting. It’s a pretty long interview where I talk a bit about how I got into podcasting with The Complete Guide to Everything and how that eventually lead to me trying my hand at writing a novel about superheroes (there is actually a thread there). I also talk a bit about how I write and how writing The Second Wave was different than writing Meta. Check out the interview in the embed below or grab it for free on iTunes.  [Read the rest]

The Second Wave Out Today!

The Second Wave is out today exclusively on Kindle (Kindle iOS, Android apps) and Paperback! Here are some questions that I’ve been frequently asked and some answers. FAQ: Do we find out if [BLANK] is actually [BLANK]??? I will try not to give any spoilers away, but I will tell you that there is a character we’ve not seen without a mask that is unmasked. We also find out how some of the people closest to Connor spend their time when he’s busy being Omni. Why is the book exclusive to Amazon? Why can’t I get it on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc? Here’s the deal. Pre-orders went 6 weeks ago on Amazon Kindle and iBooks. As of a few weeks ago the number of Kindle pre-orders was 100 times the number of iBooks pre-orders. I don’t mean “they were double” or “they were quadruple”, they were literally 100 times higher, as in centuple. Going exclusive with Amazon meant people with Prime and Kindle Unlimited could read The Second Wave for “free”. I don’t make as much money that way, but it means more people are able to find Meta and The Second Wave which is way more important for me as a new author. You can read The Second Wave in the Kindle app for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, pretty much everything so I didn’t think anyone would miss out. If I’m wrong though, email me and I’ll fix it for you. Can I get this book printed on dead trees? Yes. It should be up in paperback on Amazon any time now, if it’s not already. If you order it through them I’ve set it so they’ll give you the Kindle version for free, which is awesome if you want to give the paperback to someone as a gift and still get the digital version for yourself.… [Read the rest]

Book Teaser Trailer for The Second Wave

Not long now...

The Second Wave (Book 2 in The Meta Series)

I'm really excited to finally announce the title and unveil the cover and description for book 2 in The Meta Series: The Second Wave! I'm planning some fun stuff around the release (free things!) that I'll have more info about as the release date gets closer. In the meantime, check out the description before and pre-order now at Amazon! - Tom

First Draft Done

More news very soon. Sign up for my mailing list to hear about it before all your friends and be the coolest.… [Read the rest]


A couple of weeks ago The Gregory Brothers asked me if I wanted to be in their new video. All I was told was that it involved a girl with a bread hand, and that was all I needed to hear. (I'm allllll the way at the end, pretend it's the after credits sequence of a Marvel movie.)

How I Wrote Meta

First, a disclaimer: I am a very new writer. Or at least, very new to writing anything even close to novel-length. I’m very much still learning and struggling with how to do this myself, but I’ve had a lot of emails and messages on Twitter, Facebook and Wattpad asking me for advice or wanting to know about how I write so I thought I’d let you into my hallowed writing chamber (a sparse extra bedroom in my apartment that is constantly a mess). By far the best advice I think I can give is this: everyone is different. Be very wary of anyone who tells you “this is how you have to write”. There are people who can write anywhere, anytime and then there are people that need to go into the woods and avoid all human contact. There are people who output 5 words a day and people who can crank out 20,000. Some people intricately map out their plots before they write a single word and some people just sit down and start typing without any idea of where they are going. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s all about what makes you the most productive. I tried out lots and lots of methods before I found some that worked for me and I’m still trying new things all the time. Don’t just read about how your favorite author writes and assume that that is the best way. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Some of my favorite writers write in ways I could never, ever imagine myself being able to do. The same is true for authors I don’t care for. Everyone is different. The way someone writes is very rarely makes them a good writer. Don’t assume that just copying their routine, using the same computer/typewriter/notebook they do, writing in the same setting they do, etc.… [Read the rest]